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Slender elementary download pc. Slenderman’s Shadow

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Slenderman’s Shadow: Elementary, free and safe download. Slenderman’s Shadow: Elementary latest version: More Slenderman adventures, in a scary school. Explore 9 new environments, and complete the objectives while avoiding the enemy. The game is available on PC, Mac, and Linux for $ Visit.

Slender elementary download pc


Comments Log in with itch. BuggleStrug 20 days ago. Noob gamer3 days ago. I pressed enter to save and it didn’t work how to fix this Marc? TheVideoGameAnthologist days ago.

Creepy game. Great work! HaFaLi days ago. Le jeu de mon enfance! Rusty Bucket Games days ago. MicrosoftWindows days ago. So, Sanatorium v1. It certainly is a game. Marc Steene days ago. We live in a society. Thanks in advance, itsPeaceSimon. FR4M3S 1 year ago 1 edit. Horrible game. Marc Steene 1 year ago. Heya, Simon here : I’m curious; Marc, are you still working on games as of right now?

Well done beating Prison, from what I’ve seen it’s a small club! I have no words Why am I doing this? SealShpeeDaSweggy 1 year ago. ThePlayaJam 1 year ago. Deleted post 1 year ago. Deleted 1 year ago. MicrosoftWindows 1 year ago.

Dude you’re awesome, thank you so much for this! Sr3mmurd 1 year ago. If y’all real what year is it? ThePlayaJam 1 year ago 1 edit. Hehehehe, I did notice that you chucked the slendy models in a folder named ‘Pewdiepie’ Anyhow, here they are The Pewdiepie folder existed because in one of the Sanatorium builds where you can kill Slenderman with the gun there’s a PewDiePie minigame where you have to survive against some of his Amnesia characters like the barrels, I can’t remember if this was ever publicly released though.

Hospice: Judging by some unused hud images Hospice was going to have a Splenderman mode that would be unlocked if you collected 12 lines equivalent to 6 pages or more. If I may ask, what was that mode going to be like, and why did it end up being cut? Mansion: I’ve noticed that in some playthroughs of this map, such as Markiplier and Yamimash’s Somehow it was missing for many other people.

Seems the image that had that effect was named flashlight2. Did the map get updated at some point after it’s release in which that happened? Typo on the win screen Your Survived instead of You Survived The hands on the Slendy model without tentacles are stretched, but are normal on the other two models.

This is the case for Claustrophobia and 7th Street too. If you press 1, the memento count goes up 1. Accidental debug feature left in? Can you collect all the dolls? User Rating. Excellent 10 points :. Your Rating:. After had played this game, how do you rate for it? I like it. I’m disappointed. Your browser doesn’t support javascript. Make sure you extract ALL files to a folder, i. Write your comments. The game remains the same – you must find objects before the Slenderman gets you.

Of all the Shadow games, Slenderman’s Shadow: Mansion has probably the best looking environment. The almost empty mansion is a good location, and the storm outside adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Lightning strikes will really make you jump as you find objects and the tension rises. Slenderman’s Shadow: Mansion is still not up to the original Slender’s scary standards, but it does a good job of raising your heartbeat as you find more memories hidden around the mansion. What will really improve this series of Slenderman games is some gameplay innovation. While the locations maybe better or worse than each other, Slenderman is the same, and the gameplay is the same, offering exactly the same chills each time.

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Slender elementary download pc

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