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You will be required to try and do composite sketches, pick locks, and compare art fakes, among other intriguing and interesting puzzles.

There are enough of these to please the die hard puzzle addict, as well as the story driven veteran. Many of the people in the game are well drawn out and have depth and character, and for the most part, locale and such add a feeling of wholeness to the game. The maturity rating is well earned for Post Mortem. Graphic scenes, including nudity, sensual dialogue and decapitation, to name a few, add a definite adult theme to this title. Recommended to die-hard adventure enthusiasts, Post Mortem would be better served by a bit more polish and dialogue work.

Not recommended for younger gamers, however. Browse games Game Portals. Much of the puzzling is conversational – you must talk with the various characters to pick up clues to new locations, news of others who might know more, or be given new inventory items or documents.

An unfortunate side effect of the various paths through is that sometimes the conversations will seem disjointed, and sometimes you will find yourself learning about something that you already know. Never, though, do you hear about something too early.

The remainder of the puzzling is inventory-related, with the exception of a couple of manipulation puzzles. The inventory puzzles are pretty straightforward; however, due to the multiple paths through the game, you wind up with a lot of useless items that might have come into play had you chosen a different course. And they are there to stay – I found myself wishing more than once that there was somewhere to discard all of these extraneous items. The inventory is brought up by a right mouse click.

You can view five items at once and must scroll through them until you see the one you seek. Invariably and infallibly, the one I wanted was the farthest away, and I got sore tired of cycling through upwards of 20 or 25 items. Conversations are logged in your notebook, which too is accessible with the right mouse click. You may view the notebook at any time, not only to view transcripts of your interviews but also to access game options, to save your game, or to read the documents you have in your inventory.

Next to the notebook is the map; all travel between locations is accomplished by viewing this map and selecting a location. Two or three of the puzzles are not very well realized. For instance, in one puzzle you must draw a sketch of the suspect based on a witness’s description. You call up your sketchbook remember, you are an artist! However, there are several features in many of the categories that fit the description equally well, which leads to an inordinate number of appropriate combinations.

You must then commit your choices to paper and show the finished product to another witness to obtain his yea or nay. Or really a seemingly neverending stream of “Nah”s. This puzzle was an exercise in excruciating tedium – I probably showed the guy 75 different mug shots before I finally hit paydirt.

Another reason why this particular puzzle was so painful is that there is no skipping dialogue even if already heard. I had to give my three-sentence request for him to view the picture those same 75 times. There was one puzzle that was just plain unfair in my opinion – on the left side of the screen was the clue required to solve the puzzle on the right side of the screen, but the printing was too indistinct, on my inch monitor, even with my glasses on, to make out the diagram.

A little visual clarity here would have helped immensely. Other than that, most of Post Mortem’s puzzles were of medium difficulty – all were fair in that you can obtain all of the clues you need to solve them and it is a mere matter of putting together the information properly. There was one puzzle involving alchemy that really tickled my fancy – it was perplexing but so very satisfying when I finally hit on the solution.

I had to resort to a walkthrough twice, once for an item overlooked due to insufficient cursoring and the second to look up what the figures in the illegible diagram were.

There are no mazes, there is no dying, there are no timed puzzles, there are no sliding tile puzzles. Post mortem – a quest game about one event that excited the audience and caused a public outcry. One dark-haired girl asks police professional Gus McPherson, who has retired from detective investigations, to help her with the case of the death of her sister and life partner.

We will play as a point-and-click detective. The basis of the quest is searching for objects, collating news, collecting evidence, communicating with eyewitnesses and other people who could be involved in the case. According to the plot, the bodies of two people – the husband and sister of this woman – were found in the same hotel, which was considered practically the most expensive in the city. The corpses were decapitated and the police could do nothing.

The woman accused the police of a lack of professionalism, and she turned to us – Gus McPherson – to help solve this case. Our hero retired long ago. He began to paint, is fond of painting, lives in France, but, unfortunately, only we can help solve this case, because our character remains the glory of a great detective.



Post mortem pc game free download


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Why buy on GOG. No activation or online connection required to play. Safety and satisfaction. Post Mortem. A horrible murder has taken place in a ritzy hotel. User reviews. Product details. System requirements. Turns out the stiffs were her sister and brother-in-law. Sigh, guess I better get cracking before the stiffs get too cold. Step into the post mortem pc game free download перейти на источник Gus MacPherson, a former detective who wanted to retire to a quiet life of, as he takes on a dree double murder mystery.

Can you crack the case before it kills you? A built-in ‘Conversation Engine’ for multiple endings and replayability. Featuring a thriller ‘film noir’ storyline, sets the mood perfectly: dimly lit environments, magic and oost occult, visual and tactile hints and nuances, post mortem pc game free download murder investigation, immersive ambient sounds and music.

Minimum system requirements:. Recommended system requirements:. Game details. Adventure – Action – Detective-mystery. Works on:. Release date:. Forum discussion. Game features. Buy series 3. Buy all series нажмите чтобы увидеть больше 2.

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