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As you are probably using WhatsApp on your phone, you are familiar with the popularity of this mobile app bought by Facebook for 19 download wart per windows dollars in February WhatsApp works quite well as long as you are on your mobile phone.

If you’re on desktop however, you’ll need the guide below as a workaround to use WhatsApp on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Download wart per windows : Bear in mind that you cannot use the same Http:// account both on your phone and on your desktop simultaneously. Each WhatsApp account is linked to a single нажмите для продолжения number so activating WhatsApp on desktop download wart per windows one phone number will disable the WhatsApp продолжить чтение on the phone using that phone number.

Do note that similar apps such as Viber, noted in our top 7 Free WhatsApp Alternatives article, do come with desktop support for Win, Mac, Linux and cross platform synchronization.

Your friends however, might not be using Viber as well, so you need a solution to make WhatsApp work on your desktop PC, running either Windows or Mac. Here’s how to do it: you basically need to emulate Android on your Windows or Mac computer, install WhatsApp in that virtual environment, trick it to register using your current phone number, and start using it.

Or, option 2, install Pidgin with a WhatsApp plugin and trick it to register using a phone number. Here download wart per windows both step-by-step methods below. If you meet the system requirements, you basically need to download Andy from this link and install it.

After installation finishes, just launch Andy and configure your new virtual Android device. Download wart per windows will need to login узнать больше здесь a Google account or create a new one. With Andy launched, open Google Play and search for WhatsApp, then install it just like you would on a regular Android device. Click OK to proceed as shown below, then accept the Terms of Service.

The next window prompts you to choose your country and enter your phone number for registration purposes. Click OK or Edit and adjust the number if it’s wrong. At this point you have 2 verification options. You can either use the code sent to your phone via SMS or wait and choose the second verification option, “Call me”, where you’ll receive a phone call from WhatsApp and you will hear the 6-digit code.

You can even use the verification link sent to your phone via SMS. You can launch a browser inside Andy and enter the link there. After you enter the verification code, you need to finish setting up your WhatsApp account, choosing a name an an optional profile picture. After code verification, your contacts from the Google account used in the Andy Android will show up.

You can edit them or add more. If you need to, you can sync your contacts from your phone to the same Google account used in Andy. This way all contacts from your phone will show up in the Android Andy OS as well. Pidgin review is an universal chat client which works with Yahoo, Google Talk, and download wart per windows more networks. The plugins extend its capabilities even further. An WhatsApp plugin exists and we’ll use it in this tutorial. Install it. Look for last-whatsapp. Once you downloaded the plugin, move it to the Plugins directory of Pidgin.

Enter your phone number with download wart per windows country code included, and a password optional. See the image below for clarification. Next, click Request code. If you close it, another registration can’t be initiated for a few hours. You will receive a random password containing numbers and letters. Make a note of it as you’ll be needing this password to enter the WhatsApp account in Pidgin in the next step. It’s also easier to just copy the password from the WART window, as shown in the image below.

Open download wart per windows Pidgin program installed in step 1. The accounts window should pop-up. Click on Add to add an account. Next, you need download wart per windows enter your username and password. The username is your phone number used in WART as well.

It includes the country code. The password is the one generated by WART in step 3 above. If you don’t see the Buddy List window after step 4 above, you might get one of these errors instead:. This usually happens when using an old WhatsApp plugin for Pidgin. Go back to download wart per windows 2 above and choose the latest available plugin.

Check the release date of the plugin. This usually happens when you entered wrong credentials. Make sure you did not add an extra space at the beginning or download wart per windows end of your password. If everything worked properly, you should see the Buddy List window. You can use aliases for contacts as by default it will show phone numbers download wart per windows the Buddy List. For chat history, you can enable the History plugin. If you need to use Emoji emoticons, you can try one of these two plugins: plugin1plugin2.

The emoticons are located in folders and you need to extract the folders as well, not download wart per windows the emoticons inside them. Finding the. Here’s the official guide for finding the. Once you located download driver toshiba 8. Extract to this location the emoticons folder you need. The configuration window should look like this:. Download wart per windows : WhatsApp launched a web edition of their service so you can now use WhatsApp on your desktop browser.

If you don’t like that option, read on for a couple workarounds. Register WhatsApp The next window prompts you to choose your country and enter your phone number for registration purposes.

Do enter these details and click OK. You’ll get a confirmation prompt. At this point, you can use WhatsApp just like you would use it on your phone. Choose WhatsApp as account type in the next window. Click Add and you should see a blank Buddy List window.

Troubleshooting If you don’t see the Buddy List window after step 4 above, you might get one of these errors instead: A pidgin Lost connection with server out cb : Bad file descriptor This usually happens when using an old WhatsApp plugin for Pidgin.

B server closed the connection This usually happens when you entered wrong credentials. You’ll need to enter phone numbers нажмите для деталей names. Bonus A History For chat history, you can enable the History plugin. B Emoji If you need to use Emoji emoticons, основываясь на этих данных can try one of these two plugins: plugin1plugin2.

The configuration window should look like this: That’s it. Enjoy WhatsApp straight on your desktop! Stay Connected Follow us ссылка на продолжение get the latest tech tutorials, news, download wart per windows giveaways as soon as we post them.

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Download wart per windows


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